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Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder
Toddler Busy Binder

Toddler Busy Binder

1-3 years old
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Promote Early Learning in A Fun And Easy Way!

Your little toddler is bursting with enthusiasm, wonder, and ENERGY! And you're a busy parent. No matter the time or space you are in, this Toddler Busy Binder gives you plenty of quick, easy, and fun-filled activities to engage your child's curiosity.

Your Child's First Busy Book To Learn All The Basics!

Prepare your child for preschool and beyond with the Toddler Busy Binder!

It is a simple, cute preschool fully assembled 3-Ring Binder with 12 Activity Pages (8.5 x 11") and Velcro Pieces, which encourages and supports fun learning for kids ages 1 to 3 years old.

An Easy Way To Entertain A Toddler!

There are so many fun ways to learn and play using these pages with your kids.

This Toddler Busy Binder is filled with colourful high-quality graphics to captivate and engage your little ones. In these fun activities, you will get to test kids on their colours, matching shapes, sorting, and more.

12 activities for your little ones to enjoy while learning the following topics:

⭐ Breakfast Food

⭐Snacks Time

⭐ Matching Shapes

⭐ Weather

⭐ Sorting Sizes

⭐ Sorting Shapes

⭐ The Park

⭐ Musical Instruments

⭐ Neighbourhood

⭐ Matching Fruits

⭐ Animals

⭐ Toys

Why Choose this Toddler Busy Binder?

✔️ Fully Assembled - No Planning/ Assembling required.

✔️ Develop early reading skills.

✔️ Stimulates a child's brain.

✔️ Boosts child's confidence.

✔️ Supports cognitive development.

✔️ Increases academic success.

✔️ Helps your kid to learn all the basics.

✔️ Helps to train perceptiveness & observation skills

✔️ Encourages your kids to learn new words and expand their knowledge about the world as they grow up.

✔️ Screen-free & Mess-free – everything is easily stored in this 3-ring binder.

✔️ Ideal for using as learning games for toddlers & pre-schoolers or home-school preschool kids.


Note: These activity pages can be cleaned and sanitized with wipes or with dish soap and water.


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